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Makerspace Kits: Raspberry Pi

Kits designed to help patrons of all ages learn a new skill. These kits are all available to be checked out from the Marine Corps Base Hawaii Library.

Raspberry Pi Kits

What is a Raspberry Pi?

A Raspberry Pi is a small, programmable computer that plugs into a TV. It can be used for almost anything a personal computer can be used for, as long as you can download the program (or write it yourself).


Each kit contains:

1 Raspberry Pi 2 in a case

1 wifi adaptor

1 HDMI cable

1 keyboard

1 mouse

1 microSD card with the NOOBS operating system installed

1 copy of Make: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi


1 copy of Adventures in Raspberry Pi and 1 copy of Raspberry Pi for the Evil Genius


Click here to locate the kit in the library catalog.


Recommended age: 10 and up


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