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Makerspace Kits: Makey Makey

Kits designed to help patrons of all ages learn a new skill. These kits are all available to be checked out from the Marine Corps Base Hawaii Library.

Makey Makey Kits

What is a Makey Makey?

A Makey Makey is an external input device that plugs into a USB drive. You can use it to design devices that interact with a computer. Anything that conducts electricity can be turned into a device. The library circulates both the Makey Makey and the Makey Makey Go. The Makey Makey Go is a simpler, more portable version of the Makey Makey. Check the links to the right for more information.


Each Makey Makey Go kit contains:

1 Makey Makey Go USB circuit board

1 white wire with alligator clips

1 quick start guide

Click here to locate the kit in the library catalog.


Each Makey Makey kit contains:

1 Makey Makey board

6 white wires

1 red usb cord

1 red alligator cable

1 yellow alligator cable

1 orange alligator cable

1 white alligator cable

1 gray alligator cable

1 lime green alligator cable

1 dark green alligator cable

1 instruction booklet

Click here to find the kit in the library catalog.


Recommended age: 8 and up


Useful Links: Makey Makey Go

Useful Links: Makey Makey